Hard Water

Helpful Tips When Installing a Whole House Water Filter System

You can not be 100 percent sure that the water coming out from the faucets of your home is clean and free of impurities. Although lots of issues have been solved with water regulations, the only way we can be certain of the quality of our tap water is to install a whole house water filtration system. In case your planning to set up a well filtration system, use these tips to make the installation process a whole lot easier.

Check the Installation Requirements of Your Home

man inspectingBefore you buy a whole house filter system, you should check the installation requirements to make sure the unit you buy can do the job in your home. Whole house water filters can vary in size, and many of them also need to be installed indoors or in a protected location. Not all systems fit all types of home faucets, so make sure you buy one that works for your home faucets.

This approach is sometimes overlooked by home owners. Without considering it, you’ll have to worry about the filter system backfiring, or worse, a poorly installed filter.

Use a Valve for Water Pressure

The model you buy should tell you exactly what its maximum pressure limit is. If the water pressure is too strong then you can buy a pressure reducing valve separately and attach it to your fixtures. Keep in mind that pressure can vary overnight. Sometimes nighttime pressure can be more effective than daytime pressure. Thus it is advisable to …