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All About Modern Commercial Architecture

Architecture is in many ways an art form. Architecture is constantly changing and evolving. Architecture, unlike other art mediums, requires precision mathematically and heavily relies on function. You are often restricted by time and budget when designing commercial buildings. Despite these challenges, the growth of commercial architecture are continuing. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular elements in modern architectural designs for commercial buildings.

Inclusion of Shapes

buildingModern architecture is increasingly influenced by natural forms. Commercial buildings were once all about function. Commercial architecture is now transforming thanks to the incorporation of clean and straight lines, open spaces, and perspective-bending forms. Mixing traditional elements such as architectural steel grilles and circular windows is a great way to get creative.

It’s about playing with expectations to create a second look that incorporates unexpected shapes.

Position of Natural Light and Glass

glass wallsModern office buildings have adopted natural light as a standard, and architects have started to design with this in view. It’s not as simple as adding large windows onto a traditional building. It’s about incorporating open-concept walls and thinking carefully about how natural light will reach the commercial building.

It is about engineering the window to be integrated into the building, rather than being a separate entity. The concept of glass wall buildings seems simple. However, architects will tell you that it takes a skilled mind to see the function of the result.

Exterior and Interior Branding Fluidity

It was common to see identically designed buildings on a street full of commercial buildings. It was impossible to tell which business was inside, or what architectural or design differences were made. This is all changing. Today architects seem to effortlessly blend the interior and exterior spaces. By doing this, architects are highlighting branding and the business within. Sometimes, it’s simple elements such as outdoor decorative panels that tie everything together. Sometimes it’s matching colors, materials, and motif to give the building a level of fluidity.

Digital Signage

Today, technology plays an important role in architecture. It is not limited to CAD software. Digital signage is now an integral part of building design. Commercial buildings can update their branding instantly with digital signage. This allows them to add a high level of tech and modernity to their exterior designs. Digital signage seems to be a simple design element, much like glass. The results of skilled architects making digital signage part and parcel of the overall design are amazing.

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