Breastfeeding is the best way of feeding a baby. Although you may want to believe formula milk can be used as an alternative to breast milk, it can not. Some mothers tend to struggle with breastfeeding their babies complaining of latching issues. Latching issues however with time and right guidance become history. Other mothers on the other hand long to breastfeed their babies but unfortunately, this is in vain. This is due to lack of enough milk in their mammary glands.

Foods that increase breast milk supply

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Seeds mainly barley and oats help to improve a mother’s milk production. You can have oats porridge (with milk added) in the morning and boil in water until done and take the water at least two glasses a day. Mung dal porridge if cooked under pressure and mixed with milk and jaggery, effectively increases production of milk.

Herbal teas

Some ready-made preparations are available in the market. These are usually tea bags containing some herbs usually called out on the label. You may use a tea by Yogi, and it is meant to increase breast milk production. It includes blessed added to nettle. The concentration of herbs in tea is little and cannot lead to any side effects. However, it is up to you to decide.

Protein rich diet

Increasing intake of protein foods like eggs, meat, legumes, beans, and pulses help increase your milk store. Ensure you take a lot of complex sugar like whole grains and not just basic sugars. These grains include brown rice and whole wheat among others. Maintaining a balanced diet leads to continuous milk production.

Good quality fat

Fats such as butter and ghee are also believed to be important for breastfeeding mothers. Coconut milk as well oil are also highly recommended.

Green vegetables

Yams, beets, and carrots are said to be successful in increasing milk supply. Having a lot of organic products and vegetables
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Breastfeeding your child requires additional calories in your eating regimen; in this way, you have to guarantee that your eating routine and sustenance that you take daily includes all the essential diet in the food groups. The type of food you choose will affect the quality of your breast milk for your baby.