Critical Considerations When Choosing Oak Skirting Boards

When you are looking to renovate your home, skirting boards may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, you will quickly discover that even though they may be a small part of your plan, they will make a great impression on the overall look and style of your residence. The following are several critical considerations of choosing oak skirting boards.


Oak has been and will eternally be recognized as one of the most durable timbers applied in home design and development. It can surely take a bang, particularly in case you have pets or little ones that could really stand the test of time.


Oak can be relatively inexpensive compared to other high-end boards. Nevertheless, the application of oak skirting can contend with every look you wish; tradition, contemporary or rustic, but it won’t break the budget.


As you will soon discover, it can be difficult to match the furniture with the ideal flooring, walls, decorative accessories, and so on. These combined options can cause a major headache in the design of your residence, and that’s the main reason why oak baseboards are such a clear choice; they’re flexible, which means they’ll never make your space look dated. It’s also much easier to update the overall look of the room without incurring the cost of replacing baseboards.

Multiple Designs

You’ll be given a range of profile design options to choose from, which can be a difficult problem to solve, but a good one. If you have been given a bespoke design, perhaps by your architect, you can simply incorporate it into your specification.


Pretreating with hard wax oil can preserve the pure character of the wood, increase its durability, is quite hard, and can be water and stain-resistant. You won’t regret the decision, but as you will soon discover, the options are limitless. Nowadays, many men and women prefer to opt for oak skirting boards instead of wooden ones, especially if they have young children because they are durable enough to resist scratches or stains and are easy to keep clean.

All in All

Skirting boards can be a bit of a hassle to clean regularly, as they are easily scratched by shoes and are a great place to collect dust. This is another advantage of oak, as it is extremely easy to wipe down. A wipe with a damp cloth should remove any stains or dust from the exterior and it will probably look as good as new.

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